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Visits per year134Certified home inspector visits EVERY TIME
Examination of critical components in your homeAnnuallyTypically over $300/visit!
Written summary report of visitSaved reports increase your sale price when you move!
In-home training session for critical maintenance itemsLearn what to monitor
Access to curated vendor list and appGet a vetted service professional in 4 business hours!
Replace your supplied interior lights where needed
We will replace burned out light bulbs with new ones that you provide.
Up to 14'Up to 20'No more ladders!
Supply & change furnace filters--1"We provide up to 2 & you installUp to 3Up to 5A $60-$120 value
Supply & change furnace filters--2"+We provide up to 2 & you installUp to 2Up to 4A $70-$260 value
Change refrigerator filters (water and air)
Most newer refrigerators have both water AND air filters.
1 included2 includedFilters cost ~$30-$75/ea.
Drain sediment from water heaters
We safely reduce the water pressure to your water heater and then drain the sediment to extend your water heater's useful life.
1 included
Reverse ceiling fans for appropriate season
Ceiling fans should rotate in specific directions according to the season.
Clean exterior dryer vents
We use a specialized cleaning tool to remove all the lint/debris in your dryer vent exiting your home.
1 included up to 15' run length1 included up to 20' run length1 included up to 25' lengthReduce your risk of fire
Clean interior of clothes dryers
The leading cause of home fires is a dirty interior dryer BELOW the lint screen that you (hopefully) clean before each use. We remove all the lint/debris inside of your dryer to remove this hazard.
1 includedReduce your risk of fire
Inspect dehumidifier for mold & service filters
Oddly enough, most dehumidifiers are the top source of mold in a home due to neglect of servicing them.
Keep your indoor air healthier
Inspect fire extinguishers
We check to see if you have them, encourage you to get one if you don't and review if the type you have is recommended to extinguish the fire in the room placed.
Examine roofs & chimneys, caulk as needed
We go up on your roof, inspect its condition and fill in any cracks to prevent premature roof leaks.
A ~$250 value! We go up on your roof to do the work.
Clean washing machine tub
We clean the tub and also remove the mold/mildew surrounding the door.
Check for high water pressure
High water pressure can damage your hot water heater, refrigerator and other water delivery devices.
Clean & maintain drains (we don't unclog drains)
Clean & sharpen garbage disposals
Clean dishwasher filters
Most dishwashers have filters. Most people don't clean them. It's gross.
Keep your dishes clean!
Clean A/C Units (in season--fins/coils and external housing)
Cleaning your unit reduces your electricity bill and keeps your house cooler. The dust/pollen attaches to the coils and makes your unit work harder.
Gas leak detection
We use an electronic "sniffer" to check for gas leaks. Our experience is that 1 out of 5 homes have gas leaks and the homeowners never knew it.
Inspect & test sump /effluent pumps
A failed pump can cause $10,000+ damage. We inspect your pump to ensure it is working properly on our visit.
Water damage is the most expensive damage to a home
Maintain A/C condensate drains & pump
A hidden source of water damage to homes is clogged condensate drains and pumps. We disinfect the drain lines and the pump to facilitate positive water flow.
Keeps your system running & avoid an A/C panic!
Inspect air ducts for cleaning
Inspect grout in bath/shower
Another great source of water damage in a home: Grout that is cracking and slowly letting water to leak on your subfloor.
Replace appliance light bulbs
We replace any bulbs burned out that you provide.
Light bulbs (not all appliances have replaceable bulbs)
Test GFCI outlets
The #1 cause of electrocutions in home is faulty GFCI outlets. We test your outlets and also check whether you have GFCI's in the correct locations.
Clean refrigerator coils
Dirty refrigerator coils can add between $3-$15 PER MONTH to your electricity bill...and reduce the life of your refrigerator by years.
Save money!
Maintain smoke detectors
We replace batteries annually, test for performance and check that your detector is not expired (yes...it's a thing).
Up to 6UnlimitedMany smoke detectors are EXPIRED!
Degrease & clean range hoods/filtersUp to 36"Up to 40"
Service garage doors & test safety auto-reverse feature
An out of balance garage door can cause it to break a spring and fall suddenly without any warning.
Overlooked until you regret it
Winterize outdoor faucets
Water expands as it freezes, so if water is inside your pipes when the temperature drops below freezing, the ice can grow too large and burst the pipe. A typical cost of repair is over $300.
Prevent water damage to your home
Clean bathroom fans
Cleaning fans lowers your bathroom's humidity and can reduce any mold/mildew problems. It also allows odors to be removed much more quickly.
Up to 4Up to 6
Clean washing machine filters
It's not widely known, but most washing machines have water filters that, when dirty, cause smelly washers and smelly clothes!
1 includedKeeps your clothes smelling clean
Supply & change humidifier filters
Dirty humidifier filters can cause dry air in homes and also carry a lot of mold.
Clean & seal granite/marble kitchen countertopRecommended to seal annually!
Replace your supplied EXTERIOR lights >12' height where needed annually
We ensure your safety by keeping the exterior of your home well-lighted.
No more ladders!
Sewer line inspection (requires accessible clean out(s)--1x/yr.)
A main source of sewer backups is a plugged line or damaged line (think tree roots, etc.). We insert a specialized video camera to inspect your entire line to the city sewer line.
Additional costAdditional cost
Clean gutters annually
We provide a cost based on the linear feet of gutter on your home.
Additional costAdditional costAdditional cost
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